Travel beckons.

Travel Coaching helps you:

Travel with intention.
Come home changed.
Reinvent yourself.
Thrive through major life transitions.
Transform fear & anxiety into confidence.
Become a storyteller.

Travel Coaching

Are you tired of coming back from your travels feeling like it could have been so much more?

Are you tired of fear and anxiety derailing your trips or adventures?

Are you dreaming of solo travel but feeling too nervous to book that trip?

Are you navigating a major life transition and ready to take control of your future. Finally live the life you have dreamed of?

Are you ready to explore the world on your terms?

Travel Coaching can help you make significant changes in the quality of your life and the quality of your travels.

Travel Coaching is a way for you to work through fears and anxieties that are holding you back from living the life you want.

Travel Coaching will take you on a journey of discovery so you can identify the real reasons you want to travel, what ways you want to transform your life and what impact you want to have on the world as a result of your travels.

Travel Coaching will help you uncover the best of you and your travel experiences.

Travel Coaching is not a new fangled term for Travel Agent. Coaches do not arrange transportation, lodging or select experiences for you to have.

A Travel Coach is not a Travel Advisor. Travel Advisors are an updated version of a travel agent. They use their knowledge, experience and connections to plan the details of your trip for you, or assist you in planning the details of a trip. They will often ask you a few coaching type questions to help them understand a bit more about you so they can better advise you on your choices. They are often well versed in particular destinations or types of travel.

Travel Coaches help you align your values and vision with your travel plans.

Travel Coaches help you plan the trip you need and want, make the most of the trip and incorporate your inspiration and transformations into your life when you return from your travels.

Coach Clara

Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
Certified Master Mindset Coach

Your partner for travel mastery

I love how travel, be it a week spent 100 miles from your home, or months backpacking around the world, can change everything.

Perhaps the change begins with flexing your courage muscles to put fear and anxiety on the run.

Maybe it is summoning up the courage to type in that credit card number with no turning back.

It can start simply with going to the next town and having lunch solo and realizing the transformative power in that seeming simple act.

Dreams from your youth dance around the edges of your mind.

Travel the world it whispers.

Go ahead, prepare to answer that voice.

A 6 month journey to the bucket list places?

A "wash that man/woman right outta your hair" relaunch travel experience?

A deeply restorative month or two of feeding your soul in a beautiful locale engaging in personal reflection and growth, fitness and nutrition, spiritual activities or sacred places?

The "empty nest" now it is time to live the rest of your life - kick it up - journey back to you, the individual?

Chuck it all, pack a couple of bags and go nomad?

Get that van or RV and cruise the highways and byways?

I'll help you set the goals that feed your why.

I'll guide you through deconstructing the old barriers and obstacles that kept you in wishful thinking.

I'll provide you with tools and strategies to turn those dreams into action.

You will be held accountable for results. You will be pushed, gently but firmly to stop standing in your own way.

You will be changed.

Isn't it time to travel to you ?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!”

– Mark Twain